What Makes Hardwood Flooring Best Choice For Your Home?

Hardwood flooring or hardwood floors is a type of flooring which is made of timber. As many other flooring alternatives, it comes in  many styles, and species.

An elegant living room with hardwood floor

Which is better, Hardwood or Engineered Hardwood?

Let’s make it a little clearer. Hardwood and Engineered hardwood are often confused..  So let’s examine the differences between the two a little more closely.

Hardwood is a solid wood/timber plank without any layers. Engineered hardwood has multiple layers usually  of plywood supporting a top layer of Veneer creating tremendous support.  Both types have pros and cons as we will discuss. Engineered wood can be more durable and maintenance free. It is also more resistant to warping and moisture than solid hardwood.

hardwood and engineered wood comparison
Hardwood and engineered wood comparison

You may ask; what is considered hardwood flooring? Only %100 timber flooring products will be hardwood.

Hardwood and Softwood Floors

hardwood panels being installed

Wood floors are made of timber which comes from different species of trees. Some tree timber are considered “soft” and some others considered “hard”. This depends on how fast the tree matured. The “Janka” scale is a list of the different species from hard to soft. Some trees mature really fast and this makes their body less dense and less durable. This increases the risk of dents, scratches making  it harder to refinish. Many of these trees can be found locally which often make them cheaper and also more community friendly.  Pine and cedar are good examples for these species.

Hardwood floors are made of slower growing species. The slow growing process makes the timber harder and more dense therefore more durable. These products may cost more and may not offer much more than the  ability to be sanded down deep enough to change the color. This sounds good but is rarely done. The moisture resistance of Engineered hardwood may be a much greater benefit. 

How Is Hardwood Floor Made?

Hardwood floors are made of wood planks with tongue and groove edges. These wood planks are milled from logs which are selected for flooring. Depending on the species determines the  quality, grain and number of knots in it. These tongue and groove edges   are how the planks fit together during installation. In most cases these planks will be stained and finished with a protective coating prior to sale to the consumer. 

What is The Best Type of Hardwood Flooring?

The answer depends on where you will be using the floor.   Some wood species are better for areas that get more traffic than others.  Oak, maple and cherry wood are considered harder and may be better candidates for heavy traffic while walnut, ash and mahogany are good too. 

Don’t forget that each wood is unique. We highly recommend visiting a showroom to feel and see before ordering. 

Interior design tip; Each species has its own patterns,  having a unique look. We highly recommend visiting a showroom to see and feel before ordering. In Florida 98% of the wood floors installed are Engineered hardwood because of moisture and floor conditions which are usually concrete, 

The Feel Under Your Feet

Hardwood floors feel warm under your feet. They are not like carpet and won’t give you a feeling of excess heat. However, it’s obviously not as cold as stone or concrete floors. This gives an incredible balance. 

Woman walking barefoot on a wood floor

People have been  using wood floor alternatives for hundreds  of years. This experience is written in oır memories and psyche. This will amplify your feeling of “home” and all the feelings that come with it. Many people can’t think of a house without a wood floor.

Wood is a good sound insulator. Engineered hardwood or Solid Hardwood floors come with this advantage. Whether it is children or music, sound will be absorbed. However, both solid or engineered hardwood flooring must be installed by experts because when installed poorly, there can be problems with squeaks and other issues.

Pros and Cons Of Hardwood Flooring


Pros Of Hardwood Flooring

  • Adds value to your home. Many home buyers start their must have lists with hardwood floors. Your next flooring investment will offer great benefits for you in the future. 
  • Long lasting and durable. Hardwood floors can be  your lifetime companion if installed correctly by experts.   
  • Compared to carpet, it is easy to clean and is odourless. It won’t keep odours like carpet. Any accidents or spills can be  easily cleaned. 
  • Aesthetic value; hardwood flooring will bring an exceptional look into your home.

Cons Of Hardwood Flooring

  • Compared to other flooring types, Solid hardwood installation can be more costly. As we mentioned most floors in Florida are concrete and the 1st requirement for Solid Hardwood is a wood subfloor, This creates an unnecessary expense.
  • Should you have scratches or the need to refinish, the process of screening Engineered Hardwood is simpler and far less costly than sanding.
  • Noise; wood floors may  not deflect the sound of heels, running children as well as carpet, however, keep in mind that stone, marble or Porcelain/Ceramic  flooring would be a worse alternative. 


Unless you have a specific reason to think you will need to change the color there is no real reason to install Solid Hardwood. Engineered Hardwood once installed is easy to maintain, much more affordable to purchase and unless you have an existing wood subfloor, easier to install. Engineered Hardwood is the choice for Florida and most products offer 50 years to lifetime warranties. There are other flooring types for your home and you can check other categories, here. We hope this helps you in the decision making process.

At Florida Flooring we offer both choices.


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  1. My husband and I need to choose new flooring for our home renovation. I love how you stated that hardwood flooring is durable and lasts a long time. We will have to invest in hardwood floors for our home.

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