engineered hardwood floors help you maintain your floor beautiful in florida

How to Care for Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered hardwood floors in Florida are easy to love because of their impeccable beauty, impressive durability, and ease of installation. You can’t deny that hardwood is one of the most stylish and elegant floor designs to date

To keep your floor looking beautiful, you must take care of it consistently. Your floor looks sophisticated now, but it will imminently show signs of wear over time. Over the years, dirt, pet hair, scratches, and other dents caused by foot traffic will accumulate. All these will dull its beauty. How do you care for your engineered hardwood floors to preserve their elegance?

engineered hardwood floors in florida

Preserving the Beauty of Engineered Hardwood Floors 

#1 Make Sweeping a Part of the Routine 

Sweeping is the most basic method of keeping your engineered floors looking great. If you don’t have a broom in your storage area, now is the best time to shop for one. Regular sweeping will help get rid of hair, dust, and debris. After sweeping, you can use a vacuum to suck up all the remaining dirt.  

But don’t choose the one with a rotating bristle bar, as it can scratch your floors if it has a beater bar; set your vacuum to a bare floor setting to protect your floor.  

The frequency of cleaning depends on how much traffic your floor is getting. For example, the entryway and the living have high foot traffic, so you might have to sweep these areas daily. Meanwhile, areas with less traffic may need to be cleaned once a week.  

#2 Clean With a Damp Mop 

Besides sweeping the dust and dirt off, you must also mop your floors every now and then. Again, the frequency depends on how much action your floors are getting. You could vacuum high foot traffic rooms once a week and perhaps once a month for rooms with less foot traffic.  

Also, if your floors start to look dull and dingy, that’s your cue to take the mop out. Remember to keep your mop a bit damp but definitely not wet.  

Although engineered hardwood flooring is water-resistant, we still do not recommend you wet the area because the moisture can penetrate the wood. As much as possible, avoid pooling water on your floor. The mop should only be moist enough so that the water evaporates in minutes when you use it.  

#3 Deep Clean Your Floors 

Don’t be surprised if your hardwood floors look dirty, even if you’ve already established a regular cleaning routine. Floors are floors; sometimes, dirt can build up over time, leaving them looking old and worn. You can deep clean your floors occasionally.  

However, be extra careful with the products you choose because if the cleaning agents are too strong or too harsh, they could damage your floor. Check the label to see if it is designed for engineered hardwood floors; if not, don’t use it.  

#4 Scratch Concealers 

Aside from sticking to a cleaning routine, you must also be proactive in protecting your floors. Hardwood floors can still scratch, but you can minimize the damage using a scratch concealer. Scratch concealers can erase white lines caused by scratches. It also helps seal your floor to prevent further scratching.  

engineered hardwood floors help you maintain your floor beautiful in florida

Ready to Switch to Engineered Hardwood Floors in Florida? 

No matter how beautiful your floor is, it will look ugly without proper care. If you think you have what it takes to care for hardwood flooring, it’s time to do some shopping! Florida Flooring provides an extensive array of flooring types, including engineered hardwood floors. They come in various colors and designs. Contact us today to learn more about your options.  

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