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Differences Between Laminate and Vinyl Flooring Explained

If you’ve had carpet flooring for years and want to get rid of it for good, these two options are worth considering – laminate and vinyl flooring in Florida. Deciding between the two can be tricky since they are alike in so many ways.

Both flooring types are aesthetically pleasing, the cost is almost the same, and both are quick and easy to install. In fact, many homeowners can’t distinguish between the two. This makes you wonder, what makes laminate and vinyl different? Although their characteristics overlap, it’s important to learn their unique features, so you’ll know which flooring type is best for your home.

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Laminate Versus Vinyl Flooring


Laminate Flooring

As for appearance and installation method, laminate is the same as luxury vinyl tiles. The major difference between them is the core since it’s composed of wood byproducts combined with resins. The uppermost layer is a rigid transparent plastic that covers a printed layer.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is made of 100% synthetic material. The base layer of a standard vinyl sheet and tile is fiberglass coated in PVC vinyl and plasticizers. It will then be printed and embossed. Over the printed layer are several layers in addition to a non-wax polyurethane. The core layer of vinyl plank flooring is relatively thicker. Each plank is juxtaposed and interlocked to create a floating floor.


Laminate flooring is designed to have realistic 3D embossing on the topmost surface, accurately mimicking the patterns of stone, ceramic, and wood. Meanwhile, vinyl also looks realistic, especially if you choose the luxury vinyl tile flooring.

Since vinyl has a thicker solid core, you can expect the tiles to look more like wood because the embossing is made on a deeper level. Although both can replicate the appearance of hardwood, ceramic, and stone, flooring experts believe that laminate flooring gets the upper hand in this area.

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Waterproof vinyl will cost a little bit more, but it’s worth the cost in the long run as it is dirt and stain proof and is super easy to maintain.

Water Resistance

Almost all laminate flooring has a fiberboard core. Since it’s a wood product, exposing it to water can cause the core to swell and soften. Even though it dries up, it will no longer return to its original dimensions. If the core gets saturated in water, some of the layers will peel away. In the event of severe water damage, you’ll have no choice but to replace them completely.

Older versions of vinyl flooring have a felt or fabric backing; unfortunately, these aren’t waterproof. However, modern-day vinyl flooring is made from 100% polymer materials that can withstand water exposure for long periods. Even if the flooring dries out, its dimensions will not change.

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Floor shopping can be challenging if you aren’t familiar with its features. Before you commit, we suggest you talk to flooring experts. Florida Flooring is a family-operated business that offers various types of flooring materials, including laminated and vinyl flooring. Contact us today for a consultation, and we’ll help you find the ideal flooring type for your home.

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